The Value of Senior Managers

As many of our managers progress in their careers, keeping them involved and motivated is necessary to really get the most out of them and when you should be paying them the most. For example, after 5-10 years of experience, most managers “know their jobs”, especially the technical side. And for most, the administrative side and personnel problems that come with it.

But it isn’t until they can explain those duties to their assistant, involve them in their application and yet retain ownership and responsibility for the operations does it all come together. If the manager remains focused, their “feel” for the work is immeasurable. They know what needs to be done, can see if it is getting done at a glance, and “sense” if it is being done right even before they make a physical inspection. And they should know when to step in and when to light a fire under others to get moving if things are out of sync.

We were all tested by the remote management efforts necessary during the COVID pandemic separations, but that has got to be put behind us and a return to normal operating procedures must come back in fieldwork. Otherwise getting the most from your senior manager’s talents is underused or not used at all. And probably things are not getting done the way they used to. Where these managers do their best work is where you need them.

An organization needs its best people doing their best work in places where they can make a difference, not sitting behind a computer camera on remote Zoom calls in some other state or country.

Jerry Greiner, President