Winter Weather

It is January and this is winter. It should be cold, we should have snow on the ground. Today, you can check both of those!

We’ve had a few members of our team here since 5 am, plowing snow and putting down salt. They’ve moved on to our other 100-plus sites, as the main office is ready for others to start their Monday. They did a nice job here at the entrances for the employees and our customers who may visit us.

The field supervisors start their day early, reviewing what may have happened over the weekend that needs follow-up and repair. Then, getting ready for the new week, checking the weather forecasts to determine when will be the best time in the coming days to get various priorities done during this week. For example, some things can wait until the temperature is above 32 degrees to keep from freezing, and some can be done in darkness as well as light. Some things need prior approval and notice to others, while some emergency items need attention now. Our supervisors are good, they know the work, their jobs, the parameters, and our employees. Not much gets passed us. Things get done when they should.
The office staff such as customer service, engineering, finance, personnel, public relations, IT, and GIS find their way in, on time. It’s a new week, and things need attention, phone calls ring, promises for documents, plan review, software updates, and of course, any weekend follow-up items need action now. Most of these employees have been here for 10-15 years each, they know their jobs well, and get down to it perhaps after filling their coffee cups. It’s Monday and this week has its own demands similar to or different than last week. Time to get going.

Our hours are posted as 730 am to 430 pm Monday thru Friday for the office and customer service staff and 730 am to 400 pm for most of the field crews. The office staff get an hour's lunch, the field personnel gets ½ hour for that. We answer the phone with live voices. We talk to those who call us for service.

We are from the government, and we are here to help. (It’s a funny line to quote!”)

Jerry Greiner,