WL-2902 Eastern Henry County Regional Water Main – Letter to Residents

April 14, 2022

Dear Owners/Residents,
The Northwestern Water & Sewer District (“District”) would like to inform you of the upcoming waterline project to serve the Villages of Liberty Center and McClure, Henry County, Ohio. The project route will begin at an existing waterline located on Main Street (Weston, Ohio). The new waterline route will be on Euler Road/County Road N and Kiel Road and connecting at SR 65, crossing the Maumee River and continuing down County Road 424 to connect to Liberty Center’s water system outside their corporation limits.
The District will be installing a new 8” waterline along the project route and replacing the existing 4” waterlines with new 8” waterlines in the Village of McClure. The new waterlines will be installed within the public right of way or an easement. The contractor will utilize trenchless technology via directional drilling, trenching methods, and standard excavation to complete the project.


Hillabrand and Sons Construction is the awarded contractor and will be performing the work on behalf of the District. Construction is anticipated to begin in May of 2022 and be completed by the 1st quarter of 2023. The contractor will install the mainline first, followed by the service lines.


Unfortunately, some landscaping may need to be trimmed or removed during the installation of the new waterlines and meter pits. Any restoration, including grading, topsoil, seeding, concrete, and asphalt replacement will be performed following construction. Damage to invisible fences, sprinkler systems or the like, that are not clearly identified prior to excavation will not be replaced or repaired. Agricultural Land Owners – damages to field tile caused by this construction will be repaired. To better assist the contractor in identifying the presence of field tile, please mark its location.

Residents Who Have Submitted the Tap Waiver

After the main has been installed and tested, the contractor will begin service connections. This will include installing service lines to a new meter pit at the right-of-way. It will be your responsibility to disconnect your well and connect to the new meter pit. Locations of the meter pit can be coordinated with the District project manager or the District inspector once the project has begun. Installation of an expansion tank is recommended. More information on expansion tanks can be found later in this letter. Please contact the District Project Manager, Matt Dennis, with any questions.

Village of McClure Residents

In addition to replacing the water main, water service lines in construction areas will also be replaced from the new main to the right-of-way. A typical installation will involve replacing the service line from the water main to the right-of-way with a new meter pit and meter being installed at the right-of-way. This will require a temporary, (typically 1-3 hours) total shut-off of your water. A representative of the contractor or the District inspector will knock on your door before this work is performed. If your meter is inside the house, the District’s Meter Department will need to remove the old meter after the new meter pit is installed. They will notify you via door hanger when they are ready to schedule this work. Installation of an expansion tank is recommended. More information on expansion tanks can be found later in this letter.

Installation of an Expansion Tank is Recommended

When the service line is replaced, a new meter and pit will be installed that contains a backflow device. This device can result in increased pressure within your system. The Ohio Basic Building Code, Plumbing: Section 607, “Hot Water Supply System, Sub Section” 607.3.2, states that: “Where a backflow prevention device, check valve, or other device is installed on a water supply system, a device for controlling pressure shall be installed.”
You should contact a plumber to determine the needs for pressure relief in your plumbing. For existing District customers only, the District will provide an expansion tank upon request at no cost for installation by you or your plumber.
Additional information about expansion tanks can be found on the District website and on the print-out included with this letter.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions regarding the project please contact the District Project Manager, Matt Dennis at (419) 354-9090 extension #125 or email Matt. There will also be a project inspector from the District on-site during construction that will be available to answer your questions.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Northwestern Water & Sewer District
Matt Dennis
Project Manager