Northwestern Water & Sewer District Board of Trustees

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Northwestern Water & Sewer District Board of Trustees

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I thought it might be of interest for you to learn a bit about Northwestern Water & Sewer District’s BOT, or Board of Trustees.

bot2Northwestern Water & Sewer District’s nine member Board of Trustees has a seat/opening to fill after Mike Scott’s (Rossford) resignation was recently announced.

This seat is appointed by the 12 member municipalities as one of three appointments to the board. This seat’s term will expire 12/31/17.

NOTE: Three other seats are appointed by the member townships and the last three by the Wood County Commissioners.

What does a Northwestern Water & Sewer District board member do?

The Board of Trustees is an organization responsible for establishing the operating policies of the organization.

The board does not operate the agency, it establishes the policy and hires a president to oversee operations.

How much do they get paid?

They are paid $4,940.00 annually and $100 per committee meeting attended.

They serve two masters:

  1. The people who elected them to the board
  2. The customers of the organization

Key Conceptsbot

-Board committees recommend

-Boards approve or deny

-Staff implement policy

Three Cornerstones of a Director’s Responsibility

  1. Loyalty to the organization and its members
  2. Obedience to laws and rules of the State of Ohio
  3. Due diligence to inquire and monitor the organization’s affairs

Northwestern Water and Sewer District Board Member Expectations

-Have working knowledge of the industry

-Offer appropriate government or business experience

-Have a demonstrated level of business financial acumen

-Be a resident of the district

-Not be an elected official

-Be available for routine board meetings (2 per month) during the work day

-Serve on committees and be available to attend committee meetings (2-3 per month) during the work day

-Be available during daytime for occasional tours, projects, etc.

-Be willing to participate in Board of Trustees education programs

– Exhibit strong communication skills, and be a proactive contributor of ideas, and a critical thinker

– Be able to provide leadership and direction for the District

-Actively promote the activities of the District in the community

-Be capable of working as a member of the Board of Trustees team

-Conversant with technology & modern communication devices

Slide1Board’s Mission Statement

The NWWSD BOT [Board of Trustees] provides ongoing financial and strategic oversight and direction to advance the mission of NWWSD. In support of their responsibilities, the BOT will ensure that personnel, processes and an organizational structure are in place within both the BOT and senior management to carry out the goals of the organization. The BOT will foster appropriate communication and interaction with management, the community and various governmental entities to ensure that the mission of NWWSD is successful.


As you can see a board members responsibility is large to an organization, especially here at Northwestern Water & Sewer District as we now have 65 employees with over $190 million dollars in assets serving 17,000 customers.

I hope you enjoy reading about the District and its board!