Jennings Road pump station

Jennings Road pump station

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New Rossford pump station eliminates sanitary overflows to Maumee River

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio – Cleaner and fresher Maumee River water is the outcome of a $1.5 million pump station investment by the Northwestern Water & Sewer District (NWWSD) in Rossford.


NWWSD recently completed replacement of an aging sanitary sewer pump station at the north end of Jennings Road in Rossford, near Veterans Memorial Park.  The replacement has eliminated a source of frequent sewage overflows into the Maumee River, near the park and city marina.


The overflows never constituted a health hazard, as the untreated overflow was typically diluted by rain and river water, but now that problem has been removed nonetheless.  The new equipment replaces a 1940’s-era pump station that collected flow from the western half of Rossford.  The older station pumped sewage south to another pump station on nearby Colony Road, where the sewage was re-pumped into sewer mains leading to the City of Toledo’s wastewater treatment plant. 


“While the old pump station’s sewage overflows were obviously not a major source of the nutrient loading in Lake Erie that led to last summer’s algal bloom issues, every bit of cleanup helps, and the overflows certainly contributed to that nutrient loading some way,” said Tom Stalter, engineering manager.  “We’re happy to be some small part of the solution.” 


In wet weather conditions, both of these older stations were regularly overwhelmed with storm flows and on occasion discharged overflows directly into Grassy Creek and the Maumee River.  The new station now pumps sewage east to enter the City of Toledo’s sewer collection system at Oakdale and Miami Streets – just east of Hollywood Casino and I-75 – on its way to Toledo’s treatment plant.


The new pump station and force main, along with millions of dollars in other improvements to Rossford’s aging and often poorly maintained sewer system, has removed the overflows and consequent water contamination under most circumstances. 


One additional benefit of the replacement project is energy savings.  The previous system pumped the sewages twice:  once at Jennings Road and then again at Colony Road.  Since the new pump station discharges directly into Toledo’s system, it helps to control the costs of electricity associated with pumping sewage to Toledo’s treatment plant.


The siting and architectural design was a mutual effort by NWWSD, the City of Rossford, and the City’s Park Commission.  Several issues were identified and resolved by this group, according to Stalter.


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NWWSD is a regional water and sewer district chartered under section 6119 of the Ohio Revised Code. Organized in 1994 to take over the water and sewer operations of the Wood County Sanitary Engineer, the District is specifically intended to meet the following goals within our service area:  to establish a uniform water distribution and wastewater collection system; to create uniform and equitable rates; to provide uniform services; to institute consistent regulatory authority for water and wastewater services.  By combining systems to share operation and maintenance costs, the District is able to provide professional management and experienced service personnel throughout our service area.  The District is operated by a nine member board.