Northwestern Water & Sewer District Helps Wood County Economic Development

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Northwestern Water & Sewer District Helps Wood County Economic Development

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With the CSX intermodal development site up and running in Henry Township, hundreds of new job have been csxcreated in the south end area of Wood County. 

This project revitalized an area that had been forgotten in the past 15-20 years for new employment growth. The need for water and sanitary sewer services were very important in the development of the CSX site, and Northwestern Water & Sewer District played a vital role there. But it was a waterline that was already completed and in the ground, serving Hoytville, that started all of this. 

wood county logoOur southern communities of Milton Center, Bairdstown, and Bloomdale have all benefited from new water and sewer services too.  The services have helped to stabilize their local housing values, and also in turn have helped in maintaining an affordable cost of living for residents in this part of the county.

It is these quality of life issues that have brought Northwestern Water & Sewer District to many of the southern Wood County villages for help in securing water and sewer services.  We would like to believe that we have helped to stabilize their communities and improved their infrastructure.

New water and sewer services as well as replacement work on existing infrastructure has provided heavy investments in these communities and continues with the following projects:

-Bloomdale waterline $2,500,000.00

-Custar-Milton Center waterline $3,305,412.00

-Hoytville Waterline $671,807.00

-CSX/Henry Township Improvements $1,699,795.00

-Weston Water Tower $953,502.00

-Rudolph Road/Bays Sewer $730,00.00 (est.)

-Bairdstown Sewers $2,400,000.00 (est.)

-Bloomdale sewer plant improvements $800,000.00 (est.)

This amount of water and sanitary sewer work totals over $15 million for the past few years and into the next two years — all in the south end of the county.

Economic development support is as much a part of what we do as it is to jobsensure a reasonable quality of life for all.   We take pride in the ability to secure jobs as well as make housing and utilities as affordable as possible across the Northwestern Water & Sewer District’s service area.

Development happens in key geographical areas that we sometimes forget, areas where our employees must come from, and of course, we need to enhance their ability to sustain an affordable cost of living for the long term.

Playing a role in development, while also helping our communities is a commitment we believe in.

We hope our work will continue to make a difference, and make it work for all of Wood County.