NWWSD Employee Milestones

NWWSD Employee Milestones

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Several of our employees at the Northwestern Water & Sewer District reached milestones of service and were honored at our January 14, 2016 Board of Trustees meeting.

I am very proud of all of our employees here at the District, especially those who were just recognized for their many years of service.  We really value these folks as they have worked to make a difference, and are always striving to make NWWSD a better place.

The employees we honored were:

  • Beth Vannett: 25 years

  • Val Megyesi: 15 years

  • Tim Wilkins: 10 years

  • Claud Barringer: 10 years

  • Stephanie Keefer: 10 years

nwwsd employee milestones

Left-to-Right: Tim Wilkins, Val Megyesi, Stephanie Keefer, Claus Baringer, and Beth Vannett.