NWWSD hosts CORD meeting


NWWSD hosts CORD meeting

On November 7th, Northwestern Water & Sewer District hosted a well attended meeting of the region’s members of CORD (Coalition of Regional Districts).

Attending were 25 administrators and board members representing five of the region’s water and sewer districts. According to CORD Board member and President of Northwestern Water & Sewer District Jerry Greiner “This was the first of many upcoming meetings for the new year (2015). We have our new Director for CORD on board, Greg Hanahan, and he will be calling upon our region’s approximately 110 organizations who work under the Ohio Revised Code Section 6119.”

Beyond the organizational efforts and plan for 2015, other critical topics for this meeting included an update on the CORD lobbying efforts to support legislation to enhance the 6119 code and the work of water and sewer districts. Additionally, a detailed discussion took place regarding a recent court decision that may impact the CORD group.

Speakers at the meeting included:

  • Jerry Greiner, President of Northwestern Water & Sewer District
  • Eric Luckage, Partner with Albers & Albers Law Firm
  • Rex Huffman, Partner with Spitler & Huffman, LLC Law Firm