Our State and Federal Elected Officials

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Our State and Federal Elected Officials

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Wood County is well-represented by county, state, and national elected officials!wood county map

Our county commissioners, our State Senator Gardner, Statehouse Representative Brown, and Federal Representative Latta are all locally-connected, informed, and educated electors from the region.

I have personally worked with all of them from time-to-time in my 26 ½ years in government and have always appreciated their time and commitment to service.

This has been especially true over the last many months since the Lake Erie Algae crisis of August 1-3, 2014. During all this time, they were in communication with us on our needs and concerns.

We couldn’t ask for more!erie sunset

Also, since last August, all three of the state and federal elected officials I mentioned have been at the heart of legislation to protect the future of Lake Erie water quality.

We were proud to host them at our recent open house here on May 3, 2015.

I hope you were able to attend and enjoyed the event!