Regional Water Participation

Regional Water Participation

Regional Water Participation

What does that mean to you as a customer?

It should mean that a regional entity, most likely a government organization, owns and operates a water system (or sanitary sewer or storm sewer system) for non-profit while delivering quality service on a uniform, system-wide basis.

What does that mean to the City of Toledo?

They already are “regional” in that they meet the definition above. In their mind, for the last 50 plus years, they have operated the water system in that manner.

What does that mean to the outside “purchase communities?”

The 9 outside governmental agencies may not agree simply on the definition of “regional,” when it comes to the treatment of the water, its rate/cost, and the decision making.

For example, Toledo’s rates vary and their additional surcharges, income-tax sharing rules and other added requirements have pushed many to the edge on these requirements. They exceed the rule of fairness being reasonably priced and motivated to the buyers.

When does everyone (buyer &sellers) agree on its definition and how it will operate?

Let’s hope meetings and discussions continue between the buyers and sellers of our water so that they can define what it is and how it will operate. Otherwise, some irreplaceable decisions could occur that could be costly for all end users.