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Regional water studies blog

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  1. TMACOG’s regional water rate study for Toledo’s water system.
  2. City of Sylvania’s water study for their community and Southern Monroe (Ml} County
  3. Wood County Economic Development Commission’s water study for its county.

Each study reviewed and summarized different data related to service in their political jurisdiction. Thus, they are all different, but provide some financial data for comparison.

Both the TMACOG study and Sylvania’s study recommend expensive new infrastructure that needs to be built either singularly or by a larger political group or customers to satisfy EPA demands or to offer Sylvania options or provide backup for Toledo. (But at what price?)

thG89Z0NHLThe Wood County Economic Development Commission (WCEDC) study concludes the City of Bowling Green infrastructure has existing water capacity to serve others, up to some point. Depending on the users, they can be served with existing plant or expanded plant capacity. Much depends on necessary reservoir capacity to serve the various expanded areas, however (and the willingness of Bowling Green to sell it!)

Now, review and discussion must occur and weighing of options become necessary to determine what’s best for the various geographical users.   Some systems may be able to add redundancy and emergency connections as needed, if that is important and affordable to them.

But it’s all at additional costs with little revenue growth expected.  That will mean increased costs and increased water bills for everyone!

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