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The area’s three water studies should be out soon. These will give the three areas of our region different perspectives of our area’s water issues.toledo

For example, the TMACOG directed water study is really a rate study forecast on Toledo’s water rates into the next 30-40 years. It should reflect ongoing water plant improvements for “in-Toledo” and “outside-Toledo” rate payers. This study was funded by Toledo’s water users and Lucas County Sanitary Engineer’s Office with support from a State of Ohio LGIF grant.

The second study out should come from the City of Sylvania. It looked at regional alternatives to Toledo’s water plant for our areas including Lucas, Wood and Southern Michigan. All of whom already use Toledo’s water under long-term Toledo contracts. This studiesstudy should update what they did approximately 15 years ago in their Black and Veatch (engineering company) study. This current update was funded by multiple regional parties including the City of Perrysburg and the Wood County Economic Development Commission as well as other Lucas County-Southern Michigan parties, (but I don’t know the list!).

The third study due out is one commissioned by the Wood County Economic Development Commission for Wood County residents. It’s been paid for solely by Wood County Economic Development Commission. It should provide various water options in the region for Wood County residents. Our water suppliers now include City of Toledo, Oregon, Bowling Green, Fostoria as well as village-suppliers such as North Baltimore, wood coBloomdale (District), Wayne, Bradner and Pemberville. Some of these serve larger geographical areas already such as Toledo, Oregon, Bowling Green and Fostoria with their excess capacities. While other local smaller communicates service primarily their own residents.

Stay in touch, more on these as they materialize and “go-public!”