Regional Water Studies-Part 3


Regional Water Studies-Part 3

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Over the past few weeks I’ve outlined several regional water studies that are nearing completion and should be released soon. Here are some updates on each:

1. TMACOG’ s analysis of Toledo’ s rates that is due out in mid- April, after their spring election.

This report will estimate the cost of Toledo’s water over the next S-8 years. It’s going to increase due to the level of capital improvements under construction and scheduled.

2. Wood County Economic Development Commission’s Wood County Water Options Report is due out by late March. It will identify options and capacity to serve the larger areas of the county.

3. The City of Sylvania’ s alternative water study is due out this spring, but I cannot confirm if it will be March or April. This updated study from several years ago will define treatment options and delivery costs for water to Sylvania and participating neighbors.

4. Henry County’s decision on regional water options has been notified of possible funding for a new regional water plant to serve primarily Henry County (including McClure), Liberty Center and Whitehouse. This gives them great flexibility and independence if they all stay with the District concept.

What should we see?

The best alternative in all of these areas should provide quality water at an affordable price.

Sounds easy doesn’t t it?

Let’ s see what options present themselves to do that the best!