Regional Water Studies

Regional Water Studies

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The next few months will be busy with the release of several regional water studies. These include:

  • TMACOG’s analysis of Toledo water rates
  • Wood County Economic Development committee’s review of Wood County water supplier options
  • City of Sylvania’s updated alternative water source supply
  • Henry County decision on regional water choice

Each of these studies are being done for a different set of customers with a different assumptions and needs. For example, some are studies of current and future rates, while others are looking at water sources for different use in different geographical areas.

All studies are due to be reviewed in the next 30-90 days, here in the spring of 2016.

What’s the significance of this?  

Many of Toledo’s water contracts with their purchasers such as us, Perrysburg, Sylvania, Lucas County, and Southern Monroe County expire around 2024.

I realize that seems like many years away yet, but planning for alternative sources, securing funding, and design and construction work all take several years. Projects of significant size such as new water sources take many years to develop.  

Thus, the water users in our region will be viewing these upcoming studies from their locale’s best interest, looking for the best long-term plan for their customers.

And that may be difficult for all of the region’s groups as a whole.   What’s in the best interest of one community may not be in the best interests of its neighbors.

Additionally, we have several elected officials up for appointment this year, and it will all be covered by the news media.

Stay tuned on this, and I will write to update on these topics!