Regional Water Talks Continue

Regional Water Talks Continue

The Northwestern Water & Sewer District (The District) continues to participate in the Toledo Chamber of Commerce funded regional water discussions between The City of Toledo and the eight agencies that purchase water from the City by contract. These agencies include: Lucas County, Southern Monroe County Water, the City of Sylvania, The District, the City of Perrysburg, Fulton County, the City of Maumee and the Village of Whitehouse.

The biggest challenge of these discussions is to agree on priorities such as water quality, reasonable rates, ownership and board control. While trying to sort out these differences, it appears the concerns are more political than operational.

The difference in the water discussions now is facilitator Eric Rothstein, who comes to the area with experience in regional water concepts through his work in Detroit, Milwaukee and Orlando. His efforts keeping the discussions focused are crucial for the group.

While regional water talks continue, The District is waiting on the completion of a new study on water issues, which may offer water alternatives. We should be hearing more on both the study and regional water talks within the next few months.  We encourage you to stay informed as the results will impact your rates.

-Jerry Greiner, President, The District