Inflow & Infiltration Homeowner Assistance Program

Storm Sewer Separation Grants

According to the Ohio Revised Code, section 1101.3 it is unlawful to have stormwater sources, such as downspouts and sump pumps connected to a sanitary sewer. These connections aid in sanitary sewer overflows which may result in the discharge of untreated sanitary wastewater in a nearby waterway, leading to health concerns and contributing to harmful algal blooms.

The Northwestern Water and Sewer District recently begin televising the sanitary sewer collection system, discovering these connections. With the help of the Ohio EPA, The District began to implement a public/private Inflow and Infiltration program that will help reimburse homeowners with a portion of the construction costs.

Some homeowners may be eligible for Sanitary Sewer Grant Program monies. If eligible, The District may pay no more than 1/2 of the construction cost up to a maximum of $2,000 to assist the homeowner in correcting this issue.

Our team of inspectors will evaluate the exterior and lowest level of each home or building for potential sources of inflow that may be connected to the sanitary sewer system.

To schedule an inspection for this work please contact, Mark Davis, at (419) 354-9090, extension 126, or email Mark. Those who do not schedule an inspection may be subject to fines or penalties.