The District Donates Unique Hydrant to Educate Penta Fire and EMS Students

District employees with students from Penta.

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio, – The Northwestern Water and Sewer District (The District) is teaming up with students enrolled in the Penta Fire and EMS program to educate them on an important safety device – the fire hydrant.

Today, two District employees who are also volunteer firefighters presented Penta’s 2020 senior Fire and EMT class with a fabricated cut-out fire hydrant.  Jay Carter is Chief of the Milton Township Fire Department and Josh Nutter is Assistant Chief of the Center Township Fire Department.

The District donated a decommissioned hydrant for the project, and a team of District water professionals rebuilt it and fabricated it into a learning tool for students.   According to Nutter, “Some firefighters don’t know the inner-workings of a hydrant.  It’s important to know how they work and how to use them because in an emergency, every second counts.”   This is especially important because, if used incorrectly, a fire hydrant can be damaged or can cause damage to a water distribution system.

According to Penta Fire and EMS Instructor Paul Perry, “The cut-out hydrant shows our students how a hydrant works from the inside and how it’s interconnected to the water system.  This unique perspective of a hydrant will give them insight on how to use this important life-saving piece of equipment.”

Photograph: Pictured (L-R) are:  Jeff Kurtz, director of Penta Career Center;  Tarique El-Shamy, Penta student; Nate Oney, Penta student; Breccan Rehard, Penta student; Hunter Brown, Penta student; Destiny Kiser, Penta student; Jay Carter, Northwestern Water & Sewer District; Zoe Ramirez, Penta student; Josh Nutter, Northwestern Water & Sewer District; and Paul Perry, instructor of the Firefighter program at Penta.