THE LEAK: More Water

THE LEAK: More Water


We opened our ninth WaterShed vending machine in Northwood earlier this month.  After approximately 2 weeks it’s doing well, dispensing water, collecting quarters and having zero (0) shut-offs or breakdowns!  We must give a huge thank you to Bennett Enterprises for allowing us to locate there with no rental cost!

The Idea

Our original idea was to add these vending units (open 24/7) on the edges of our water service areas.   Many rural residents are on private water systems and some had poor water quality, mainly hardness or sulfur issues.   Our goal was to provide quality drinking water at a reasonable $.25/gallon cost.

It’s worked well!

As you can see from the map, there are 9 WaterShed’s installed throughout The District’s county service area.  We have tried to locate them in busy areas on busy roads, mostly state route highways.  

They do produce a good stream of revenue for our organization (some are better than others!) that now totals over $1 million dollars in quarters.  We do have expenses such as:

            -building cost

            -site work




What’s Next?

Our 10th unit is under construction at the existing library building in Walbridge.  It will be a “walk-up” unit on the south west wall.  This is the first “walk-up” version and we hope it’s convenient for the users in the area to use.

After that, we are in discussions internally to decide where, when, and need for other sites to locate any more of these.




The Water Quality


The 9-step treatment process is unbeatable using both reverse osmosis and ultra-violet processes that remove all minerals from the water source.  When the process is finished and ready for dispensing, it’s completely “pure water” and tasted perfect!