THE LEAK: What is Cord?

THE LEAK: What is Cord?

Coalition of Ohio Regional Districts

There are approximately 100-120 water and/or sewer organizations in Ohio providing public utilities under Ohio Revised Code Section 6119.  This section of the revised code outlines how these organizations will be formed and operated.

CORD is a statewide organization of approximately 20 members of 6119 entities.  They vary in size from small to very large, which would be the largest of the all-Northeast Sewer District which serves most of Cuyahoga County and Cleveland.

Our District has been a charter member of CORD since it was formed in 2005 with 11 board members.  District President, Jerry Greiner holds a board seat and is an active member in the organization and with the other representatives from around Ohio.

The board meets quarterly in Blacklick to conduct business and meets with their state lobbyist from Columbus.

 Legislative items are the primary issue for discussion and attention.  The majority of CORD’s budget is spent with the lobbyist with this in mind.

 “It’s been a good opportunity for our district to be involved actively at the state level with other organizations of a similar view and focus on water and sewer issues,” says Jerry Greiner of Northwestern Water and Sewer District.