TMACOG Water Study


TMACOG Water Study

TMACOG Water Study

A recent Toledo Blade article covered the ongoing issue of regional water. It explains a forthcoming meeting of TMACOG, in which area governmental leaders will meet to discuss support for a non-binding agreement that addresses mutual priorities for water quality and sales.

Who Cares?

There are 9 governmental contract purchasers whose contracts (to purchase Toledo water) expire in the next 7-10 years. Each of them, including the Northwestern Water & Sewer District, would like to see uniform, equal rates and have input on rates.

If this isn’t accomplished, several of the nine buyers have economical options, they have never had to buy elsewhere as Toledo’s water rates have gone up due to long-neglected plant repairs and replacement work.

If some, or all, of these 9 buyers were to leave, those remaining customer’s rates would need to go up even more to make up the difference in lost revenue from the outside purchasers.

What’s Going to Happen on Wednesday, January 11, 2017?

These political subdivisions are meeting to discuss this non-binding agreement seven of the nine local governments have approved it, but Toledo has not.

The rumor behind Toledo’s reluctance (to endorse this) is the general language of the agreement. With a mayor, council, their attorney’s and staff all involved, they cannot agree on what they are willing to commit!  Meantime, past elected officials in Toledo have been involved as well.

It’s a real mix of parties.

If there’s no real action this week, maybe its two weeks later, maybe its two months later. The various political subdivisions can continue to meet and talk about their similarities and differences.


Those political subdivisions will have to decide when to stay at the table for discussion or start spending money further studying their options to make good solid thoughtful decisions.