Toledo water informational bulletin


Toledo water informational bulletin

The City of Toledo forwarded the following informational bulletin to Northwestern Water and Sewer District around 5:30 PM on Saturday, August 16th, 2014. 

The City of Toledo Collins Park Water Treatment Plant has been doing increased monitoring and testing due to the algal bloom season, the testing level of untreated water at the direct intake is showing a strong presence of microcystin.  Our water is SAFE TO DRINK, a do not consume order is NOT being considered at this time.  The World Health Organization has determined that water showing a level of 1.0 or above should not be consumed.  Our tap water testing results at the Collins Park Water Treatment Plant were .972; additional chemicals have been added to the water with the most recent test results of tap water going to our customers at .456. 

Since additional chemicals have been added to make our drinking water safe you may notice a film on the water in cups or containers.  This is not harmful, it is because of the increased alum that is added to remove microcystin.  Chlorine has also been slightly increased, you may notice a bit more of a chlorine odor.  While the water is safe to consume, we wanted the public to be aware that we are dealing with an algal bloom situation and that since a test showed above .5 parts per billion, the Ohio EPA has been notified.

We will continue to closely monitor the level of microcystin and the levels of chemicals needed to provide safe drinking water.

Click here for an online map showing the area of Wood County only that is served by Toledo’s water plant.