Update: Let’s Really Protect the Environment- CORD Helps Remove Potentially Negative Legislation


Update: Let’s Really Protect the Environment- CORD Helps Remove Potentially Negative Legislation

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Sometimes I write with updates to my blog to reflect what is going on literally that day or week – at the time of release of the blog. Soon thereafter, there may be an update worth sharing.

This is an opportunity to do just that to my blog # 10, originally posted June 4th, 2015 which was titled “Let’s Really Protect the Environment.” (Click the title to read that original blog!)blog

Well here’s the update: last Thursday morning, June 25, the state senate and house agreed to remove proposed language included in Senate Bill #58 and House Bill #61 from the state budget bill and from any current summer legislation.

If you recall, we had concerns that the proposal(s) would allow property owners to “opt-out” of connecting their homes to public sewer lines and continue using septic systems instead.

Our concern focused on protecting Lake Erie water quality — and that means finding public solutions using public sewer lines to collect sewage and transmit it to regional sewer plants for proper treatment. The proposed legislation would have diluted that option and allowed onsite systems that would be less than adequate for sewage treatment.

cord_ohio_logoAnyway, early last Thursday morning those two proposed pieces of legislation were removed and related language was taken out of the budget bill. They may resurface later this fall, but for now they are gone.

Credit for all of this goes to our trade group, which is the Coalition of Regional Water and Sewer Districts (CORD) who lobbied for this!  Click here to visit the CORD Website.


In areas where we have public sewers available for connection, the local health department will continue to require all homes within a prescribed distance to abandon their septic systems and connect to the public sewer. lake erie

This is good for the environment (including Lake Erie!) and it is good for the homeowner long-term!