Backflow Prevention

People rely on safe, pure water every day. We assume that when we open our faucets we’ll receive water that’s clean and free of contamination. The following links contain further information regarding the District’s backflow program:

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Backflow Testing Requirements

Backflow Testing Requirements

A. It is the responsibility of the consumer at any premises on which backflow prevention devices by these regulations are installed to have inspections, tests, and overhauls made in accordance with the following schedule, or more often where inspections indicate a need:

  • Air gap separations shall be inspected at the time of installation and at least every 12 months thereafter;
  • Double-check valve assemblies shall be inspected and tested for tightness at the time of installation and at least 12 months thereafter;
  • Reduced pressure principle backflow prevention devices shall be inspected and tested for tightness at the time of installation and at least 12 months thereafter.
  • Interchangeable connections shall be inspected at the time of installation and at least every 12 months thereafter.

B. Inspection tests and overhauls of backflow prevention devices shall be made at the expense of the water consumer and shall be performed by a certified backflow tester or a person approved by the Superintendent of the District as qualified to inspect, test, and overhaul backflow prevention devices. Certification approval is required. Visit Ohio Gov's page on Backflow for more information.

C. Whenever backflow prevention devices required by these regulations are found to be defective, they shall be repaired, overhauled, or replaced at the expense of the consumer without delay.

D. The water consumer must maintain a complete record of each backflow prevention device from purchase to retirement; this shall include a comprehensive listing that includes a record of all tests, inspections, repairs, and overhauls. Records of inspections, tests, repairs, and overhauls. Records of inspections, tests, repairs, and overhaul shall be submitted to the Northwestern Water and Sewer District office 12560 Middleton Pike, Bowling Green, OH 43402.

E. Backflow prevention devices shall not be bypassed, made inoperative, removed, or otherwise made ineffective without specific authorization by the superintendent of the Northwestern Water and Sewer District.

Certified Backflow Testers

Certified Backflow Testers
Company Name City Phone
Arbor Inspection Services Ann Arbor (734) 761-8088
Springer Enterprises Anna (937) 394-7213
Rockwest Plumbing Avon (216) 701-6154
Complete Refrigeration, LLC Bowling Green (419) 352-6590
Gearhart Plumbing Bowling Green (419) 352-4384
Plumbing Professors Canton (734) 416-4227
Silco Fire Protection Company Dayton (937) 426-9717
All Star Plumbing Findlay (419) 423-5723
Couchot Mechanical Inc. Findlay (419) 424-9355
JFP Fire Systems Fort Wayne (260) 493-0843
Marlin White Fremont (419) 332-3631
S.A. Communale Fremont (800) 582-3989
Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating Haskins (419) 823-1394
Positive Trades Group, LLC Holland (419) 868-7841
Royal Plumbing Company Holland (419) 466-9148
Taylor Plumbing Holland (419) 392-1292
KJC Mechanical Huron (419) 366-3975
County Fire Protection Kent (330) 633-1014
Armor Fire Protection Inc. Lima (419) 222-7667
G.P.S. Inc. Maumee (419) 344-3851
Helm Maumee (419) 893-4369
Industiral Power Systems Maumee (419) 531-3121
Simplex Grinnell Maumee (419) 861-0603
Clock Contracting Monclova (419) 867-1424
Campbell Inc. Northwood (419) 476-4444
Affordable Fire Protection, LLC Perrysburg (419) 350-3992
JL Mechanical Services Perrysburg (419) 872-6000
Perrysburg Plumbing & Heating & Air Conditioning Perrysburg (419) 874-7163
Restoration Mechanical Perrysburg (419) 931-0012
Shambaugh & Son, L.P. Perrysburg (419) 891-0121
Pride Plumbing Swanton (419) 825-5648
Accel Fire Systems Inc. Sylvania (419) 843-7756
Fire Tech Sprinklers Inc. Sylvania (419) 885-6300
Merit Plumbing Sylvania (419) 841-3216
Abco Fire Protection Toledo (419) 882-1200
All American Backflow Testing and Repair Toledo (419) 385-8378
Alternative Plumbing Toledo (419) 727-8777
Coyle Mechanical Toledo (419) 729-3007
Dimech Services Inc. Toledo (419) 727-0111
Dunbar Mechanical Toledo (419) 537-1900
Emergency Mr Plumber Toledo (419) 472-0899
Geo. F. Peters Toledo (419) 382-1234
Hoffman Toledo (419) 241-8134
Marine Fire Sales Toledo (419) 255-2100
Mondo Mechanical Toledo (419) 531-7303
Noron Inc. Toledo (419) 726-2677
Ott Plumbing Inc. Toledo (419) 381-7088
Pipe Doctor Toledo (419) 509-0766
Radco Fire Protection Inc. Toldeo (419) 476-0102
Gem Service Group Walbridge (419) 720-2700
Deno Pappas Plumbing Waterford (248) 618-9768
Earl Mechanical Services Inc. Wauseon (419) 826-9999

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