Expansion Tanks

When District crews or contractors install a meter pit, a backflow device is installed on the new meter.

Expansion tankThis device can result in increased pressure within your system. The Ohio Basic Building Code, Plumbing: Section 607, “Hot Water Supply System, Sub Section” 607.3.2, states that: “Where a backflow prevention device, check valve, or other device is installed on a water supply system, a device for controlling pressure shall be installed.” You should contact a plumber to determine the need for pressure relief in your plumbing.

A standard water heater can stress plumbing pipes when water is heated, causing damage to pipes and appliances.   A thermal expansion tank can minimize the risk of damage to your plumbing system.

An expansion tank absorbs extra water volume created in your piping system when water is heated and or pressure fluctuations.

Is the leak your responsibility or the District's? Homeowner's responsibility: water service lateral, sewer service lateral. District's responsibility: water shutoff, water main, sewer main.Keep in mind, that it is the homeowner’s responsibility to have them installed. The District suggests installation by a certified plumber. If you have questions regarding expansion tanks, contact us at (419) 354-9090.