Water Service

Water being pouredWhat The District Provides

  • Over 20,000 residential and commercial customers in Wood, Hancock, Henry, and Sandusky counties with safe clean water
  • Approximately 5.4 million gallons distributed per day to homes and businesses across Northwest Ohio

A Unique Water Service Company

  • We are considered a special water district through Ohio law
  • We provide water services to areas in and outside of city, village, and township limits
  • The Board of Trustees oversees our water systems
  • Our team of Ohio EPA licensed operators ensure the quality of the water you drink

How it Gets to You

The District works with many water providers including cities like Bowling Green, Toledo, Napoleon, and Fostoria to purchase water.

  • We build the network of towers, pumps, and piping to deliver it to your home
  • If you live in McComb, we currently operate our own plant and deliver the water

View a map of District water lines and public water system identification numbers (PDF)

Need Water Service?

If you are interested in getting water from The District, you will need to fill out a petition for service. We also provide emergency water services and affordable bulk drinking water at our WaterShed locations.