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The Northwestern Water & Sewer District has chosen to offer an alternative to bottled water to our Wood County residents. This was done several years for the first time on the edge of our water distribution system, and now we have several locations for our Watersheds.

Please click here to see detailed information, including locations of the Watersheds!

What do Watersheds do?

These vending units use a 9 step process to further treat water for drinking and food preparation. This process includes reverse osmosis and ultra-violet treatments, two of the highest forms of water treatment that exists!

Why are they Helpful?

It’s all about cost and quality! If we can use marginal quality water and better treat it for consumption and sell it for $.25 per gallon, we all win!  Yes, that’s 25 cents a gallon!25

Regular Use:

These drinking water filling stations are open 24/7 for your use! Through the years we have seen regular and frequent use every day of the year, regardless of the month or season.

Emergency Use

They became especially useful in emergency situations.  Last August 1st through 3rd during the Toledo algae crisis, our units were switched to “free.”   The Watersheds were available to everyone who was affected by this crisis. It was a safe, simple alternative for consumers (and free).

Why is government involved here?

This is a tough question for us. It goes against our private enterprise motive to offer this as a governmental agency but:

  1. It’s a service few want to offer (for profit)
  2. Environmentally necessary for many Wood County residents.
  3. High maintenance of equipment
  4. Great low-cost alternative to poor water quality.

What to expect?

You will receive “top quality” water at an affordable price available to you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week at 6 locations around Wood County. Bring your bottles to our drinking water filling stations!