NWWSD employees digging to place water lines.


The web map below shows the approximate locations of our current engineering projects. Green stars are sewer projects, blue are water. Click the star for more information about a given project, additionally click on the “Zoom to” in the pop-up window to view the approximate scope of the project. And please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding a specific project.

Northwestern water employees maintaining waterline quality.

Current Projects Public Records

Deimling Road/Lime City Road Infrastructure Improvements (2021)

Village of McComb Interceptor Replacement Project (2020)

Village of McComb Waterline Replacement Project (2020)

Rossford Tree Streets Waterline Replacement (2020)

Lime City Road Waterline Project (2019)

Ampoint Industrial Complex Waterline Project (2019)

Rossford Eagle Point Road & Birch Drive Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project (2019)

Village of McComb Sanitary Sewer Separation Project (2019)

Rossford Various Streets Sanitary Sewer Rehab Project (2019)

Millbury-Center Street Sanitary Connection Inspection Program (2018)

Weston-Center Street & Euler Road Waterline Project

Village of McComb Finished Water Clearwell Improvements

Rockledge Subdivision Waterline Replacement Project

White Road-Vineyard Street-Riverbend Ct. WL Replacement Project

Village of McComb-Todd St. WL Project

Perrysburg Area I & I Sewer Improvements

Starbright Subdivision, Oregon Rd. & Ayers Rd. Water Main Improvements

Hamlet Waterline Replacement

Hoytville WWTP Improvements

Weston-Taylor, Main & Oak St WL Improvements

Williamsburg-on-the-River SS Rehab

Northwood-Hanson-George-Bihl-Mason Streets

Sugar Ridge/Mercer Road Sanitary Sewer Project

Northern Service Area Water System Improvments

Bays Road Waterline Replacement