Financial & Investor Relations

Accounts payable

Northwestern Water & Sewer District offers an online Accounts Payable service that allows vendors to view detailed purchase order information and transaction history.  The service is provided through our VENDOR WEBSITE and requires a one-time registration process.  There is no fee for the service.

For additional information, please contact our Accounts Payable department at or by calling 877-354-9090 extension 191 or extension 196.

Annual report and other financial information

See below for links to our annual Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports and other commonly used financial forms

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Northwestern Water & Sewer District is committed to sound financial management and responsive public service. Commonly used financial forms are available below, and our annual financial statements Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports are available through the annual report link to the left.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Northwestern Water & Sewer District’s recent annual financial reports are available below. As a state agency, our financial reports are assembled into a single document called the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. This document reports the financial condition of a state, municipal, or other governmental entity in accordance with accounting requirements promulgated by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB). The report for a given year is issued in the summer of the following year. So the report for 2019, for instance, is issued in July of 2020.