Wood County Summer Events

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Wood County Summer Events

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We challenge ourselves to involve the Northwestern Water & Sewer District in county-wide events.

As you probably know, there are at least 20 daily or weekly events around the county from April to September; in only these short six months!

Northwestern Water & Sewer District likes to be involved and we know that it is part of our main mission for the region, but it’s difficult with so many events and outings.

wood county fair logoFor example, take the popular Wood County Fair and the Pemberville Fair. As popular as these are,fair ferris wheel we have chosen to only attend (as an organization) infrequently. The cost of resources to be there for these weeklong events is more than we can accommodate right now.

However, we have had success being involved in smaller and/or shorter in length events.

More local one-two day events such as North Baltimore’s Good Ole Summertime and the Weston Days to name just a couple are the kind of events where we can get involved and lend some help.

n baltimoreYou will likely not see us there personally in a booth, but instead we are behind the scenes providing manpower to help “put them up” or providing bottled drinking water to help volunteers, behind the scenes.

Why Do We Do This?

We have limited funds and staff for these events, but feel we can help in some small manner to these communities, especially where we serve our customers, and in fact, where we also personally live and raise our own families.

This “level of involvement” is a small token of our help we try to offer.