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Bid Opening Results

McClure WL Improvements Bid Tab (12/13/2021)

Henry Co WL Bid Results (11/23/2021)

Willowbend PS Bid Results 11-17-2021

McComb Water Line Replacement Phase 3 Bid Results-10/19/2021

Wales Road WL Replacement Bid Results 8/4/2021

District Facility Pavement Improvement Bid Results 6-8-2021

County Home Road WL Improvements Bid Results

West Boundary & Indiana St. Sewer Rehab Bid Results

Wales Road Clearwell Flow Meter Bid Results

Weston SS Rehab Bid Results

Hawthorne Lane WL & SS Bid Results

Villages of Cygnet and Jerry City Pump Station Rehab Bid Results

WL 100 Area Elevated Storage Tank Bid Results

Village of McComb SS Improvements Phase 1 Bid

McComb WTP Train No 1 Painting Bid Results

McComb Phase 2 WL Replacement Bid Results

Woods Street WL Bid Opening Results

McComb Interceptor Bid Results

2020 Water Main Improvements Bid Results

Rossford Dixie Highway SS Improvements Bid Results

Rossford Tree Streets Waterline Improvements Bid Results

SS 300 & SS 400 SS Improvements Phase 2 Bid Opening Results

Troy Twp PS and Forcemain Bid Results

SS-100 Flow Meter Replacement Bid Results

Luckey Area Water Tower Aeration & Mixing Improvements Bid Results

East Broadway Pump Station Pump No. 3  VFD Bid Results

Lime City WL Bid Tab Results

Ampoint Water Main Rehab Bid Opening Results

McComb Above Ground Storage Tank Painting Bid Results

Deimling Road WL Bid Results

Vernis Place Bid Results

Eagle Point and Birch Dr SS Bid Results

McComb Santiary Sewer & Stormwater Separation Bid Results

Pemberville Rd Waterline 183-O Bid Results

Millbury Sanitary Sewer Phase 2 Lateral Improvements Bid Results

WL-101 Trunk Water Main Repairs Bid Results

State Route 23 Water and Sewer Line Relocations

Bid Results for Water Meter Relocation

Rossford Various Sewer Bid Tab Results


BG Master Meter Backflow Bid Results


McComb WWTP Improvements Contract A

McComb WWTP Imrovements Contract B

McComb Clearwell Improvements
100 Area Lead Service Bid Results
Rockledge Farms Bid Opening Results
Buck Lime City Roads Bid Results
Weston Silver St Bid Opening Results
Mccomb Water System Improvements Ph I Bid Opening Results
Cummings Tri State PS Rehab Bid Results
SR 64 WL Relocation Bid Results
Wingston Ovitt Rosendale WL Bid Opening Results
Weston PS Bid Results
Woodlake PS Improvements Bid Resutlts
Hamlet Bid Opening Results
Hoytville WWTP Bid Results
Curtice Road Bid Opening Results
Perrysburg I I Bid Tab Results
Ladyglen PS Bid Results
Starbright Bid Tab Results
Walbridge Abandonment WL Bid Results
Lorraine Place SS Bid Results
Mccomb Train No 2 Bid Results
Weston Taylor Main And Oak St Bid Results
Rossford Colony WL Loop Bid Results
Village Of Millbury Re Bid Results
Bid Tab Results Williamsburg
Southern Service Area DBP Improvements Rebid Bid Results
Millbury SS Improvements Bid Results
Bairdstown Bid Results
Hanson Street Et Al WL Bid Results
Carrington Tontogany Ps Improvements Bid Results
SS 100 Tracy Road Trunk Sewer Rehab Bid Results
JRS Southwood Bid Open Results
Southern DBP Improvements Bid Results
WL 300 Connections Bid Results
Eastwood Bid Results
Bloomdale WL Bid Results
2015 Utility Relocations Bid Results
Hillview Drive Bid Results
Northern Service Area DBP Bid Opening Results
EQ Basin Bid Tab Results
Rudolph Road SS Improvements Bid Results
Second Portage WL Bid Results
Rossford General I I Reduction Bid Results
Rossford 200 Area I I Reduction Bid Results
Second BG WL Bid Results
HOMECRAFT Bid Opening Grouting
Rossford Colony Re Bid Results 4 7 2015
Colony Road PS Removal Bid Results
Bloomdale Ps Bid Results
SS Various Improvements Contract B Bid Opening
Various Ss Improvements Bid Results
Bid Results Wise St
Homecraft Phase 2 Bid Opening Results
100 Area Water System Improvements (PDF)
Ampoint Sanitary Sewers Replacement SS #139B
Andrus Road Extension-East Broadway Replacement WL#101C (PDF)
Bates Road Sanitary Sewer Relocation (PDF) & Addendum
Colony Area Inflow and Infiltration Reduction Improvements (PDF)
East Broadway Pump Station Improvements (PDF)
Five Point Road and West River Road Sanitary Sewer Extension (PDF)
Hufford Road Waterline Replacement (PDF)
Jennings Street Improvements (PDF)
Rossford Clearwell, WL Improvements & Booster Pumping Station (PDF)
Rossford General I & I Removal (PDF)
Rossford Hillside Drive Sanitary Sewer SS #5004 (PDF)
Rossford Jennings Road Pump Station Improvements (PDF)
Rossford Phase I Waterline Improvements (PDF)
Rossford Phase II River Road 12″ Transmission Line (PDF)
Rossford Pipe Lining (PDF)
Rossford Superior Street Improvements WL 5001 (PDF)
Sanitary Sewer #100 Master Meter Improvements-Rebid (PDF)
SS 327A River Road low-pressure sewer (PDF)
Village of Cygnet Water Main Supply (PDF)
Walbridge Private Laterals (PDF)
Wales Road WL Improvements (PDF)
Weston Oak Street Watermain WL #2320 (PDF)
SS Various Improvements Contract B Bid Opening