You Can Help: Can the Grease and Wipe out Wipes!


You Can Help: Can the Grease and Wipe out Wipes!

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We at the Northwestern Water & Sewer District have seen rising calls and costs of thousands of dollars related to grease blockages in homes and restaurants.

These blockages cause backups in the sewer lines, both in public and private lines.

Please pour cooling oils into a can, such as an empty vegetable or coffee can, and toss it into the trash.

Wipe out Wipes:no wipes

Many Americans are using “flushable wipes” as a convenience product.  These products are found in many varieties such as baby wipes, cleaning and dusting wipes, and all-purpose wipes.

Many of these are advertised as “flushable.”  But these wipes DO NOT disintegrate into water!

wipesThey become lodged on roots or intrusions in the sewer line, and wrap themselves around pumps and motors at sewage lift stations.  These wipes cause backups into homes and overflowing manholes.



Watch  this video and please DO NOT FLUSH any type of disposable wipe!