I Got a Shutoff Notice and Can’t Pay by the Shutoff Date. What Can I Do?

If you can’t pay your bill by the shut-off date, please call us immediately and talk to a customer service representative. We can put you in a payment agreement which will allow you a few more days to pay your bill. The District has partnered with our local Salvation Army to provide assistance with our Pay it Forward Program. If you are in need, please contact them at (419) 352-5918 to see if you qualify. We also maintain a list of agencies that may be able to provide help by pledging for you.

If your water service is shut off, you will be required to pay your past due charges plus the $56 administrative charge to have service restored. If payment is received by 3 p.m., service will be reconnected the same day, otherwise, it will be reconnected the next business day.