Obtaining a Tapper License

To obtain a tapper license with the Northwestern Water and Sewer District ("the District"), the District requires that you submit a Sewer Tapper Application form that includes a statement of your company’s experience, along with several references that the District can call. The application form is available further down this page.

Upon submission and approval of the above-mentioned application form, you will also need to take and pass the District’s licensing examination to demonstrate an understanding of the District’s rules and regulations. The rules and regulations are outlined in form Sewer Tapping and Procedures form, also available further down this page.

If the above requirements are satisfactory, before the license can be issued to your company, the following must be submitted:

  1. A bond for $25,000 for the current year with the Northwestern Water and Sewer District as the obligee.
  2. A certificate of general liability insurance showing the Northwestern Water and Sewer District as the Certificate Holder, for the current year.
  3. An application fee of $100 made payable to the Northwestern Water and Sewer District.

The sewer tapper license expires at the end of each calendar year. Therefore, the bond (or continuation certificate) and renewal fee of $25 will be required to renew at the beginning of the year to continue licensed status. Depending on when your company’s certificate of liability insurance expires, you will be required to provide the District an updated form to continue your licensed status as well.

If you have any technical questions, please call Tom Stalter, Director of Engineering, at (877) 354-9090, extension 174 or you may email Tom.