Storm or Rain Water Problems FAQ

Why Is the District Billing Me for the City of Rossford’s Storm Sewer Utility Fee?

In 2017, Rossford City Council Passed an ordinance to create a stormwater utility to allow for the collection of fees to maintain and improve the stormwater system in Rossford.

While the charge appears on The District’s bill, the Stormwater Utility Fee is a City of Rossford fee. The District was contracted by Rossford to be a billing agent.

If you have questions, please contact the City of Rossford at (419) 666-0210 EX 235, email City of Rossford.

The City of Rossford's Storm Utility Notification Letter (PDF).

Who Do I Call About Storm or Rain Water Problems?

Northwestern Water & Sewer District does not operate storm sewers. Stormwater drainage issues are handled by the local municipality or, outside of incorporated areas, by the county engineer. Please call your local city or village, or the county engineer’s office.