May Waterworks Newsletter


May Bill Changes: Winter Averaging

If you notice a change in your sewer charge this month, it's because in May we start a new cycle of winter averaging for residential customers. Winter averaging is a billing method developed to give you the best possible break on sewer billing costs.

If you are eligible, this method takes the water used in the winter quarter as the basis for billing sewer charges throughout the year. This way, you will not be paying additional sewer charges for warm weather purposes such as watering lawns, washing cars, landscaping, gardening, or filling pools.

Water meter reads from February, March, and April are averaged. The average of these three reads is used to bill sewer charges through the following April. The new winter average amount will be billed with the May bill each year.

If the actual water usage is less than the winter average usage, then the actual usage is billed. If the winter average usage is lower than the actual usage, then the winter average usage is billed.

Eligible customers are automatically put on winter averaging. If you have questions regarding your bill, contact us during regular business hours or go to for more information on winter averaging.

Hydrant Flushing

The District maintains a fire hydrant maintenance program for approximately 4,000 fire hydrants. Once a year, each hydrant is opened for maintenance and water quality reasons. The District tracks which hydrants are flushed and issues work orders if additional work is required.

Occasionally, water becomes discolored after hydrant flushing. If this happens, run your cold water tap for a few minutes until the discoloration clears. Avoid washing your clothes until your water clears.

Sugar Ridge Sewer Project Update

After months of work, residents along Sugar Ridge Road are ready to connect to the public sewer system. Homeowners should have received a letter informing them how to apply for grant funding to pay for connections and proper abandonment of septic tanks.

Crews will soon start work on the next phase of construction involving sewer installation on Mercer Road, north and south of Sugar Ridge Road. Expect this work to continue through the fall.

If you are a resident in this area with concerns about either of these projects, please contact The District at 419-354-9090.


District Board of Trustees Meetings are scheduled for the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 7:30 a.m.. See website for schedule updates.

Meetings are open to the public at our main office located at 12560 Middleton Pike in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Save the Date: District Open House

The District will host its annual Open House on Tuesday, August 15. We will be announcing more details in the coming months. Be sure to watch for more information in upcoming newsletters and on social media.

Construction Corner

Henry County: Waterline Project
Through June, lane restrictions are possible on CR 424, between CR 4 and SR 109. Lane restrictions are also possible on Euler Road from Van Tassel Road to SR 65, on Kiel Road from Weston Road to Euler Road, and in the Village of McClure north of US 6 for waterline installation. Project investment: $4.9 million. Project complete: June.

McComb Regional Waterline Project
Through November, intermittent lane restrictions are possible in North Baltimore at High Street and along Main Street to Deweyville Road (CR 203), west along CR 203, and south to Township Road 131, on SR 613, Park Drive, to the existing McComb water treatment plant on Park Street for waterline installation. Project investment: $7 million. Project complete: November.

Northwood: Tracy Road Waterline Replacement
Lane restrictions are possible on Tracy Road from Florence Avenue to Wales Road. Closures will be announced. Project investment: $1.9 million. Project complete: January 2024.

District Area Work: Valve Maintenance
Through December, crews will be performing valve maintenance in northern Wood County. Flush your waterlines if your water becomes discolored.