H20 Toasting to the New WaterShed in Bowling Green

Bowling Green, Ohio

The Northwestern Water and Sewer District (The District) is proud to announce the opening of its eleventh WaterShed location in Northwest Ohio. The District, the Wood County Commissioners, and clean-water partners Industrial Fluid Management celebrated the opening of the second Bowling Green WaterShed with a “toast” to clean water.

The new WaterShed is located at 989 South Main Street in Bowling Green, between the Pagliai’s Pizza and the Work Leads to Independence buildings.

To mark the occasion, The District is declaring today “WaterShed Wednesday” at the new South Main Street location. Please bring your own bottles and containers to fill up for free!

A WaterShed is a stand-alone building owned by The District that houses a reverse-osmosis, 9-step water treatment system and provides perfect tasting purified drinking water at a low price. The cost is 25 cents per gallon or a dollar for five gallons.

A decade ago, The District began building WaterSheds as an alternative source of drinking water for residents in rural Wood County on private well systems with poor water quality.

According to District President Jerry Greiner, “We’ve discovered that even though there are high-quality public water systems, there is a demand for water with additional filtration at a low cost, especially for those who drink well water. We chose this location based upon the success of most of our popular WaterShed locations on Poe Road.”

This year, total WaterShed sales reached the $1.4 million mark. The income is used to maintain the properties and then invested back into The District’s operational budget. For more information: Visit the WaterShed Locations page